Making Every Celebration Memorable

If you’ve attended an event around Lexington over the last ten years, most likely, you’ve been shielded from the weather under the canopy of one of Lee Pitcovich’s tents. Making his way in the event business, Lee started Event Management, which morphed into Something Borrowed as he shifted his focus on private upscale weddings and events.

Locally owned and operated, Something Borrowed serves all of South Carolina from formal weddings to corporate parties, leaving a lasting impression you’ll remember for years to come. Their goal is to be your preferred supplier of event rentals and a trusted and valued partner in your business.  With all that said, tents are what they have a passion for!

We asked Lee what his perfect customer looked like, and he said.

We love relationships and being a resource for all events. We like annual events because we get to learn and make the event better each year.  We feel we’re rewarded with the additional business for doing an exceptional job. So our perfect customer is good people who host annual events with tents.”

Getting the word out about a company such as Something Borrowed is all about being where your customers are. Since Lee and his team travel all over Lexington and Richland counties, their company vehicle must display noticeable and professional images.

Being a customer of Pine Press for over ten years has allowed us to not only watch Lee and his business grow but taking an active role in helping him succeed.

Times have changed, so we asked Lee what the future looks like for his business.

“The future of Something Borrowed looks bright!  We are passionate, hard-working, and do things the right way, so I think we will continue to prosper.  We are constantly looking for folks we can have a relationship with and help with their events!”

When we see a business do well, we love to ask for any business secrets they’d like to share with us, and Lee gave us this advice.  

“Make sure every action or decision is for whatever goal you’ve set for yourself.  If it doesn’t help get you closer to that goal, don’t do it!”

Successful businesses know how relevant advertising is, and Lee is no different. We asked him what form of advertising works best for his business.

“People seeing our work seems to get us the type of clientele we are looking for.  I’ve always said that the best advertising we can do is to put up a big pretty tent!  Outside of that, people need to see our product, so the bigger, the better! Big truck wraps, vehicle wraps, building logos/pictures all seem to be the next best thing for us.”

Knowing that being in business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we asked Lee to share with us one of his biggest challenges.

“Finding good employees seems to be a challenge in our industry as a whole.  It takes a special type of person to do what we do every day.  Hard physical work, changing temperatures, and weather, plus the different locations and terrain we deal with. Our employees truly are a special breed, and we’re always looking for more to join our team!”

On the last note, Lee wanted to make sure we added this…

“Relationships are everything. Pine Press is a business where you are valued more than just another client.”

Something Borrowed
10 Millen St, Cayce SC 29033
Hours: 9am- 5pm