There’s nothing “lazy” about Lazy Creek Discount Pet Foods & Supplies

Awarded Small Business of the Year for 2020 from the Lexington Chamber and Visitor’s Center is only one of the many accomplishments Lazy Creek Discount Pet Foods & Supplies brings to the Lexington area.

At the heart of their business is personalized pet food and nutrition advice along with products for fish, reptiles, small animals, gourmet, custom pet treats, and pet-themed gifts. If you are a pet owner who cares about the well-being of your beloved animals, their complementary pet nutrition consultations are priceless.

A locally-owned small business, they cater to anyone who currently uses a pet food subscription delivery service, wants incredible customer service, and sees the value in shopping local. 

Being a customer of Pine Press since 2016, we ask the owners what benefit they see from the advertising pieces we’ve helped them create.

“Staying top of mind with consumers is key. In a world of mega online retailers and next day or same-day (even drone) delivery, independent and small-business owners have to stay creative, and that’s where partnering with Pine Press comes in. They love our business and our team and go out of their way to help us advertise and promote our business with unique and amazing products. One being our amazing window cling and out of the ordinary promotional products.”

We understand the challenges that come along with owning a small business in this day and time, so we asked Lazy Creek what the future looks like for their business, and they stated.

“One thing we learned is that no matter how well prepared, no one knows for sure what the future holds. We are encouraged that during this unprecedented time, when so many businesses are struggling, we are fortunate to have enjoyed a slight uptick in business. We attribute this to three things, for the most part. A rededication to shopping locally because people who experienced delays in receiving subscription orders of pet foods found us as an alternative, to consistently providing the best customer experience possible.”

We like to ask our customers what they would do to promote or enhance their business if money were no option, and we loved what lazy Creek told us.

“Oh, wow, so many ideas! We would absolutely renovate our properties, install a swanky, safe, self-serve pet washing kiosk at each store and establish a pet food bank that never runs out of food and supplies for our pets in need.”

We hope you agree that a self-serve pet washing station is right up our alley!

To end our interview with Lazy Creek, they had this to say about Pine Press and the Sign Shop at Pine Press.

“We have had the pleasure of partnering with Pine Press for several years, and each experience has been exceptional. This is so much more than a transactional relationship – it’s a true partnership with folks who get what we do, care about what we do, and help us succeed at what we do.”

Lazy Creek Discount Pet Foods & Supplies
134 Innkeeper Drive, Lexington | 803-356-4995
351 E. Church Street, Leesville | 803-604-0969