For Appliance Professional …it’s all about Delighting their Customers

Offering residential appliance service and repair throughout the Midlands, Appliance Professional is a family-owned and operated business. To stay competitive in today’s small business landscape, one has to focus on the quality of service, along with particular attention to customer service. With over thirty years of experience in the appliance field, AP goes above and beyond, making sure appliances are kept in working order, all while delighting their customers along the way.

A customer of Pine Press since 2018 Appliance Professional understands the value of keeping their brand in front of their potential customers by wrapping their service vehicles. 

When we asked what the future looks like for their business, they responded.

“Growth is our main focus. We don’t think we could ever have enough qualified technicians. Our goal is to teach our employees a trade that will serve them their entire lives.  Here in the Midlands, there are not enough qualified people to fill our needs. Knowing this, we spend a great deal of time teaching our employees our trade and encourage them to deliver a high work ethic that meets our standards.

Every successful business has an array of different marketing and business building tips they rely on that only comes after years and years of trial and error. We love to ask our business friends to share any advice they might have to new business owners, and AP had this to say.

“Be prepared for lean times; it takes five years of hard work, dedication, focus, and pressing through to provide top-quality service to get a new business off the ground. As far as marketing goes, take the time to properly set up your Google My Business page and aim to get positive Google reviews.

With money and the state of our country’s affairs at the foremost in people’s minds, we love to ask if money was no option what would they do.

            “That one would be easy. Our employees work hard for us, so we’d send each and every one of them on a fully paid vacation.

Lastly, they had this to say about Pine Press and The Sign Shop at Pine Press.

“Pine Press has been amazing; it is nice to have a business partner that listens to need vs. just trying to SELL you something – a true partner and we are thankful to have Pine Press!”

Appliance Professional
4458 Augusta Rd Suite 3A, Lexington, SC 29073
Hours: M-F 8-5, Sat 9-1