Build Something EPIC

As Lexington and Richland Counties continue to grow, we take our hats off to this month’s business spotlight… EPIC Homes.

Lexington plays host to many home builders, but one shines above the rest for delivering custom-built homes. Award-winning Epic Homes is a small family-oriented woman-owned custom home builder. They specialize in “ON YOUR LOT” green building at an affordable price.

Holding true to their desire to build long-lasting relationships, one home at a time,  they look forward to turning baby-boomers, land-owners, and first-time homeowners dreams into reality.

A long time customer of Pine Press since 2006, Jenny Gerben and her Team have relied on us to help them build brand awareness and keep their marketing materials current as they continue to grow their Lexington home building business.

There are so many successful businesses in Lexington, just like Epic Homes, we can’t help but ask what their secret is to success. We asked Jenny that very question, and this is what she said.

“Stay positive, stay motivated, never give up; keep your head up.  Never deliver a product you would not give to your mother. As well as knowing if we want to grow, we have to work above and beyond the typical 9-5. Any successful business owner knows that putting in long hours and a lot of hard work is how they succeed.”

Staying competitive as a small business can be a challenge in today’s landscape, and we love it when a company finds a marketing medium that works for them. As we spoke to Jenny, she mentioned that she loves to use giveaways to keep her brand in the foremost of her future customers’ minds. Coolers, lunch bags, and cups are some of the promotion items she uses the most.

Lastly, we like to ask our customers what they would do if money were no option. Jenny nailed it when she said.

“I’d send my team on a much-needed vacation!”

 I don’t know about you, but that statement makes me want to go work for EPIC Homes.

Epic Homes, LLC
703 North Lake Drive Lexington, SC 29072/
Hours: Mon. – Thurs 9-5 Friday 10-2


A few kind words from Jenny…

“Working with Pine press takes the stress out of designing things that make your business memorable. I personally work with Amanda, and once I give her an idea, she comes back to me with more than I was expecting and provides me with everything I need plus some.   Very professional and worry-free experience.  They work to make sure you have what you need when you need it, even when you give them a crazy deadline!”